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ChrisCornelli is an agency House for different brands around the world, located in the capital of Norway, Oslo. 

Our goal is to bring strong and up-coming brands into the Scandinavian market, based on our loong experiance and forward-looking strategy for the strong relationship with your brands and our network. Our requirements are exciting products that we have the opportunity to market and sell to the right sales channels here in Scandinavia.

As an brand-owner you can relaying in our retail-knowledge combined with sales- and marketing skills with strategic moves for expansion and solid income. We are more than agents, we operate as your ambassador and open doors into the exclusive Norwegian market with the opportunity to expand into Sweden and Denmark if necessary. But the cultures are different, especially Denmark when it comes to consumer patterns of trade.

Let’s talk business, we can send you statistics of the Norwegian consumer market and tell you more about how we brings product-inspired strategy to purpose-driven marketing for your brand(s).

Contact us for requirements. We will deliver your expectations as we grow together. Get to know the people behind the Company which are the most important pillars for your and our success.

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"Marcus, a strategic marketing agent with bachelor Degree in Strategic Retail Management and Master in International Marketing. Long experience from the retail industry and six startups, as founder, owner and investor. Keyperson when it comes to business strategy, concept development and expansion.


Business developement

"Christian have worked in the marketing and sales industry for 20 years, and have always had a hand in the clothing/fashion and retail industry.

He manage the digital marketing apartment, offering landing-pages, websites, digital marketing and analysis."



"Jesper, have been in the sales elite in Norway since 2005, and worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Gucci and more, mainly with stores and franchise owners. 

Jesper`s expertise is sales strategy, both in-store and digital.  "



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No one shops more than average Scandinavian residents, especially Norwegians and Swedes. 

Revenue in the Fashion segment amounts to US$4,700m in 2018 for both countries.

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,951m for Norway, and 8.8% resulting in a market volume of US$4,624m for Sweden by 2022. The revenue will almost dobbel from 2016-2022!

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